Kingdom of Caid Arts and Sciences Pentathalon AS XXXVI (index 1)

Images from Caidan A&S Pentathalon

College of St Artemas, Barony of Calafia, Kingdom of Caid

11/12 August, AS XXXVI

These pictures were humbly taken by of the House of the Argent Greyhound, and offered here for your edification. They are in entrant's ID order. Click to go to the awards list.

Please be aware that not all the entries photographed have been released for posting on the Web. i will endeavour to update this area as releases for publication are received. The images are no larger that 8 inches across, but may be over 10 inches in height, so be prepared. The thumbnails are accurate representations and should guide you as to what dimensions to expect. To reduce load-time, i've split the index into two sections; click here to go to the second page.

Lady Jeanne-Marie la Verriere (2) THL Thea Northernridge (4)
01-001 plaque 01-002 plaque one 01-002 plaque two 02-003 cap 02-005 napkin 02-006 yarn 02-009 cap
Lady Tonwen ferch Gruffudd Aur (3) Lady Richenda Coffin (2) THL Berengere d'Acre (3)
04-012 cape 04-015 jack 04-018 mantle Apologies; this was incorrectly attributed.
When i am able, i will reformat the table!
05-018 bag 06-019 bookcover 06-020 bookbinding
THL Berengere d'Acre (3) THL Miriam bas Levi (1) Khalila Lagerfeld (4) Liudmila Vladimirova 'doch (3)
06-023 book 08-032 painting 09-038 pendant 09-039 buckle 09-042 belt 09-043 box 10-044 necklace
Liudmila Vladimirova 'doch (3) Lady Meghan Paget (4) Lord Will Schuyler the Younger (2)
10-048 headdress 10-049 ensemble 11-012 scroll 11-052 eggs 11-056 inkle 11-057 yarn 12-065 strap
Lord Will Schuyler the Younger (2) Mistress Fionnabhair Kyriath inghean ui Neill (2) Lord Martin de Thalassa (2) Baron Thorvald Olafson the Swordmaker (6)
12-160 signet 13-068 scroll 13-071 handkerchief 16-096 sculpture 16-099 knife 20-120 pants 20-121 coins