2019 Pentathlon

Pentathlon 2019 Event Information

The Caid Arts & Sciences Fair and Pentathlon is nearly upon us! We will once again host a weekend event dedicated to the arts of Caid. In addition to the arts fair activities, there will be fighting, archery, camping, and a weekend of revelry to celebrate the artisans of our realm.


Schmidt Park
13576 Mustang Road,
Victorville, CA 92394

A.M.E. Academy, Excelsior Public Charter Schools
18000 McCoy Cir,
Victorville, CA 92394
short walk from the park.

Site Registration (includes all events):

Adult – $30
Adult member – $25
Children and teens 17 and under are guests of the event.

Non-Camping Adult – $12 for one day or $15 for the weekend.
Adult member – $7 for one day or $10 for the weekend.
Children and teens 17 and under are guests of the event.

Adult – $12 for one day or $15 for the weekend.
Adult member – $7 for one day or $10 for the weekend.
Children and teens 17 and under are guests of the event.

Event Schedule

Link to Current Schedule  Subject to change.  Please keep checking back as we get closer to the event.


Other Event Information

Arts & Sciences Fair and Pentathlon

The competition will be located at:
A.M.E. Academy, Excelsior Charter School
18000 McCoy Cir,
Victorville, CA 92394
***please note we are in a different location for the competition portion. It is a short walk from the park, but there will be parking as well.

Registration is now closed, and expert panelists have been assigned. The displays will be open for the public to view on Sunday morning.

Entrants can pay gate, check in, and set up on Friday night, or on Saturday morning

Artisan Showcase and Peoples Choice Voting

Stick around on Sunday for an opportunity to view the hard work of all the entrants. You will also have an opportunity to vote for your favorite.

Court and Award Ceremony

Stick around for closing court and award ceremony on Sunday at 12:30, or at TRM’s pleasure. We will announce the winners in each category, the overall Pentathlon winner, Peoples Choice winner, and Defender of the Arts winners, and Caid open Archery winners. This will take place in the Camping common area at the Park.

Art War

Camping, Tournament, and Archery location :
Schmidt Park
13576 Mustang Road,
Victorville, CA

Once again, there is an opportunity for overnight camping. No preregistratin required. Site opens for setup at 12 noon on Friday, March 1. Defender of the Arts and Caid Open Archery will be held in the park area. We will have a community fire pit, torches, snacks and hot apple cider on Saturday evening to unwind after the days events.

Defender of the Arts Tournament

The event will feature the 2nd annual Defender of the Arts tournament for both heavy weapons and rapier. The tournament will start at 2pm on Saturday. An art or science is required for entry. Defender of the Arts Rules for entry 


Caid Open Archery

Archery and thrown weapons will be in full force as well as we have found a permanent home for Caid Open Archery and Thrown Weapons tournament. Bring your bow, and strengthen your throwing arm.

Caid Archery Open: The Open is a double-elimination Royal Round tournament-style competition. The rules are basic. Each archer is paired like a fighting event. The only scores that matter for each round are between the archer and their opponent. The totals will be tabulated, and the highest score between the two archers is the winner for that round. Archers are eliminated from the competition after 2 losses.


Crescent and Candle Tavern

Join us on Saturday night for games and fun at the premier of the Crescent and Candle Tavern. There will be overhead shelter, games, snacks, and hot apple cider.



If you have questions, please contact the Event Stewards, Sir Philip Williams of Aston and Master Christian de Guerre.



Art War: Pentathlon 2019 Schedule


Art War: Pentathlon Schedule
12:00 PM Site Opens for Campers Camping Field
3:00-10:00 Gate is open Camping Field
3:00-6:00 PM Petnathlon Site Opens for Staff staff setup Pentathlon/Arts Fair Site
6:00-8:00 PM Early Check-in and entry set-up Pentathlon/Arts Fair Site
**gate will be available at Pentathlon/Arts Fair site during the early check-in time
8:00-3:00PM Gate Open Tourney and Archery Fields
7:00 PM Crescent and Candle Tavern Camping Field
Arts & Sciences Competition Schedule Pentathlon Site
8:00-9:30 AM Check-In and entry set-up
9:30-10:15 AM Welcome Meeting: All invited
10:15 AM-5:30 PM Entry scoring and feedback
Event Staff: Displayes reorganized/grouped for display
TENTATIVE: Displays open for early viewing
Archery Schedule Archery Field
8:00:AM Set up and Practice
9:45: AM Archery Lists Close
10:00 AM Caid Archery Open Shooting starts
Tournament Schedule Tournament Field
10:00-11:30 AM
Art check-in for Defender of the Arts tournaments
Viewing of Tournament Arts & Sciences Entries
2:00-5:00 PM
Defender of the Arts Heavies and Rapier Tournament
9:00-9:30 AM Drop off open for Display and People’s choice entries Pentathlon Site
9:30-11:30 AM Entry Viewing and People’s Choice Voting Pentathlon Site
11:30AM-12:30PM Entry pickup and Pentathlon site cleanup Pentathlon Site
12:30-2:00 Court and Awards Ceremony Camping field
5:00 PM Site Closes