Kingdom of Caid Arts and Sciences Pentathalon AS XXXVI (index 2)

Images from Caidan A&S Pentathalon

College of St Artemas, Barony of Calafia, Kingdom of Caid

11/12 August, AS XXXVI

These pictures were humbly taken by of the House of the Argent Greyhound, and offered here for your edification. They are in entrant's ID order. Click to go to the awards list.

Please be aware that not all the entries photographed have been released for posting on the Web. i will endeavour to update this area as releases for publication are received. The images are no larger that 8 inches across, but may be over 10 inches in height, so be prepared. The thumbnails are accurate representations and should guide you as to what dimensions to expect. To reduce load-time, i've split the index into two sections; click here to go to the first page.

Baron Thorvald Olafson the Swordmaker (6) THL Elena de Beaumont (3)
20-123 boots 20-124 knife 20-126 chest 20-127 bed 23-139 bed 23-142 weaving persona elena
Catherine de Winter (6) Lady Morgan the Fellwalker (1)
28-161 scroll 28-162 food 28-163 hat 28-164 gloves 28-165 tartan 28-166 rug 37-184 crossbow
Lady Ingrid Gerdesdotter (3) Lady Bridget Lucia MacKenzie (2) Sir Gavin MacDhomhnaill (2)
39-187 dress 39-188 pillow 39-189 belt 40-191 tam 40-928 pillow 41-142 walker 41-193 bobbins
Gemma Rohesia (1) Ceara ingen ui Chellaig (1) Unknown yet (1) Mistress Eilidh na Tire Dharigh (1) Elizabeth of Venice (3)
42-194 henna 43-199 clappers 43-219 knife 44-200 kumihimo 45-201 banner 45-203 dress 45-204 soap
Lady Artemesia Serena (1) THL Mary Isabel of Heatherstone (1) unknown (i lost the id number!) Judging Rooms and Tables
48-215, 48-216 pipkins 53-232 cap sweets-dragon armour room furniture room bread table drinks table
Judging Rooms and Tables
food table medicinal drinks table sweets table tourneyfoods table